Fear of Flying?

At last, a program in Vancouver, BC that
combines all of the elements to help you
“Fly without Fear”



Fly Without Fear Seminars

The key to conquering one's fear of flying is achieved with a comprehensive yet easy to understand education about commercial aircraft and flight. The many misconceptions about flying can be easily addressed through a thorough, step by step approach that will explain each topic in a non-technical and easily understood manner.

In turn, all course participants will begin to rationalize the process of flight and flying and to logically conclude that commercial air travel is the safest form of transportation.

This is a simple statement to make and meaningless unless it is proven to you.
The Fly Without Fear course will prove that flying is the safest form of transportation.

The only course of it's kind that uses technology to help participants overcome their anxiety. Our proprietary flight simulator, modelled after Boeing's Next Generation 737 Aircraft has proven to be an invaluable asset in helping one to overcome the fear of flying.

We put you in the Captain's seat for a simulated flight in the cockpit using all the same checklists and procedures that will show you just what it's like from the 'front office'

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Seminar: Session 1

Welcome Introduction

  • Rational & Irrational Fear
  • Incidents & Accidents
  • The Real Facts
  • Statistics
  • Control Issue
  • Shift Of Focus
  • The Media

The Aircraft

  • Jet Engine Technology
  • The Wings
  • The Flaps
  • Spoilers
  • Elevators
  • Rudder
  • Ailerons

Questions & Answers

Coffee/Tea Break


Seminar: Session 2


  • Turbulence
  • The Jet Stream
  • Weather Planning

Pilot Training

  • Cockpit Resource Management (CRM)
  • Simulators
  • Medical
  • Take Off
  • Landing

The Simulator Session

Join us in the Flightdeck of the Boeing 737 Next Generation Simulator for an amazing experience of flight!

  • Checklists
  • Engine Start Procedures
  • Take off
  • Climb
  • Cruise
  • Descent
  • Approach
  • Landing

Certificate of Accomplishment!


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Vancouver Intl. Airport (CYVR)
4360 Agar Drive
Richmond, BC
V7B 1A3




Flight Adventures Ltd.

How To Lose Your Fear of Flying



Hi Jason,

I got on the plane!

Thank you so much for all your help, I definitely could not have done it without you. I will for sure be recommending your course to anyone who is nervous about flying.

Have a great summer,

— Izzy Farris

July 2011

Dear Jason

How can I thank you for this course, it's really changed my entire perspective on flying and I feel better than I have in ages!

I'm flying to Seattle on Nov 16!

Thanks so much again,

— Jessica Brunt



Dear Jason,

After my fly without fear session, I walked to the harbour and caught a float plane home. It was my first flight in a long, long time that wasn't terrifying. The program's approach suited me perfectly. Learning about how planes fly was helpful. Learning to focus on the activities of the pilot and crew rather than my own anxieties was the key for me. My next flight is to Australia and I'm feeling much more relaxed about the trip.

Many, many thanks for your help and support, Jason. It makes a huge difference!

— Jill Taylor - Vancouver Island



“I just wanted to drop you a line to say that 'I did it', I took my first successful flight after 8 years of fear and anxiety and I owe it all to your Fly Without Fear seminar that I attended on July 19th 2008. Your excellent presentation about aircraft and how they fly was factual and easy to understand, all the noises, movements and the 'dreaded' turbulence, explained perfectly, then to experience a complete flight from departure to arrival in the amazing Flight Simulator was a fantastic way to see first hand exactly what the pilots are doing, I can't believe how many safety procedures and systems are in place. I truly thank you for allowing me this new found freedom and my husband Gordon thanks you too.”

— Marilyn


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